FZ Siegel Climate Neutral

We’ve been declared
climate neutral!

It is not only in e-commerce that we are future-oriented. We too, have our finger on the pulse of sustainability and climate protection and are always thinking about tomorrow. As a Shopware Agency, we may not have the greatest leverage to curb Germany's CO2 consumption, but as we all know, small fish can make a difference too!

Our Contribution

Goodbye combustion engines:
We have replaced all our company vehicles with electric vehicles
Drastic reduction in commuting to and from work through full remote workplaces and a
100 % flexible home office offer for all employees
“Power off Switch” in every room in the office in Holzkirchen

Our Carbon Footprint Compensation

Our goal is to, at some point, be able to operate completely emission-free. Without losing sight of this goal, we are now taking a surprisingly simple path to compensate for our current and unavoidable emissions - this is where Fokus Zukunft comes in. They have calculated our CO2 footprint and have calculated 16 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year. We compensate this footprint, which is not very high for an agency, for the years 2022 and 2023 by having purchased 32 climate protection certificates from the “VCS + CCBS Forest Protection Brazil”project. The aim of the Maísa REDD+ project is to promote forest conservation and reduce emissions from unplanned deforestation and forest degradation. In doing so, the project contributes to the following sustainability goals:

Climate Neutral Certificate

Decent, Dignified Work and Economic Growth

Fazenda Maísa aims to provide employment for residents of the surrounding communities, who currently make up the majority of the workforce, and to conduct the recruitment process in a more inclusive, equal and accessible manner.

Measures for Climate Protection

Through this project approximately 67,458 t of CO2 will be saved annually.

Life on Land

According to a survey based on the identified flora, there is total of 128 tree species in the project area, 8 of which are listed as endangered species at national and state level. At least 29 of the identified species are, to a certain extent, at some risk of extinction. Forest conservation not only directly counteracts habitat loss, but also helps to mitigate the fragmented landscape outlined in the baseline of the area and can be used as an "ecological corridor” or “stepping stone".
Source: Projektbeschreibung Fokus Zukunft 2022