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TEAM EVENT - PM Tag 2022

TEAM EVENT - PM Tag 2022

Out of the office and into the city of Munich! That makes the PM meeting agenda flow much better. Then a breakout from the Escape Room, delicious food, cool drinks and great conversations... What a day!
Our project managers: Christina Gasteiger, Claudia Sauer, Leontien de Vries, Thomas Pham
Christian Dangl - Face to Face

Christian Dangl - Face to Face

Who is Christian Dangl and what does he do? You've probably read his name many times before and now you'll get a picture of him. 
Niklas Dzösch got to know our Head of Technology in the context of Shopware TV - from his former band to dockware. You can see the full Video HERE!
Certified Tester mit ISTQB

Certified Tester with ISTQB

Why do we stand for the highest quality development? Among other things, because of our advanced testing methods and standards, which we are constantly optimising.
We are proud to announce that Miriam and Christian are now officially ISTQB training certified testers - congratulations to both of you and many thanks to the Software Quality Lab Academy for 4 days of concentrated knowledge!
dasistweb und mollie

dasistweb and mollie

Our colleague Christian Dangl visited Mollie in Amsterdam.
Even the best business relationship "has" to be maintained - nothing better than that ;)
We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Mollie for the trust she has placed in us and the smooth cooperation! 
dasistweb ist Shopware Platinum Partner

dasistweb is Shopware Platinum Partner

We are very happy about the status "Platinum Partner" and thank Shopware for 10 years of great partnership! 
We have been with Shopware since 2012 and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the trust you have placed in us. In addition, this status is also an incentive to continue to give "everything"!

Here's to the next 10 years with brilliant partners and projects!
11 Jahre dasistweb

11 years dasistweb

Many thanks to all our customers and employees, without whom this journey of success would not be possible!
Here's to many more years!
Rest in Peace IE

Rest in Peace IE

After 27 years, today is the day...
Microsoft discontinues Internet Explorer!
Farewell IE, we won't miss you...
Or will someone miss him?
Wortmann Shopware 6 Relaunch

Wortmann Shopware 6 Relaunch

Together with our customer Wortmann we are happy about the successful launch of our latest Shopware 6 project - a multi-brand B2B shop for the brands Tamaris, s.Oliver Shoes, Marco Tozzi - Germany, Jana Shoes and Caprice Shoes. 
We are particularly proud of the harmonious integration of the Guided Shopping function
Großer PHP-Expertencheck: Das war 2021

Big PHP Expert Check: That was 2021

A turbulent year in the grip of the pandemic lies behind us. PHPmagazin ( developers ) spoke with experts about the year 2021!
What were the big milestones? And: What will the coming year bring us? In the interview with our colleagues Christian and Vitalij. You can find the interview at
ARMEDANGELS gewinnt ersten Platz im Shop Usability Award 2021

ARMEDANGELS wins first prize in the Shop Usability Award 2021

Congratulations to our Shopware customer ARMEDANGELS for the first place in the category "Best Brand Shop" and the overall victory at the Shop Usability Award 2021.
You can find more information HERE
Neukunde Planet Sports!

New customer Planet Sports!

We are happy to welcome Planet Sports as a new customer.
Together we are developing the new online shop based on Shopware 6 - hosted by ScaleCommerce in the future.

we welcome our new colleague vitalij mik

We are very happy that we could win Vitalij as support for our backend team. Since February, the passionate software developer from Lower Saxony has been developing full remotely for our customers and is a part of our diw family - despite the distance without compromises.
We are not the only ones to benefit from his many years of PHP and open source experience. Vitalij shares his knowledge on his YouTube channel and regularly publishes technical articles on T3n and in PHP Magazine.  
We warmly welcome him to our team and look forward to a successful, long-term collaboration.


We are pleased to introduce you to our new colleague Leontien de Vries, who supports our team energetically as e-commerce project manager. 
She has been strengthening our PM-Power at our Munich office since August and manages some of our projects there. 

Leontien has worked in e-commerce for many years and knows the pitfalls of an e-commerce project not only from an agency perspective. Thanks to her many years of experience as a project manager in various industries, she has been able to build up a broad range of knowledge from which we and our customers can now benefit optimally. We welcome her to our team and look forward to a successful, long-term cooperation.



With Armedangels, the fashion online store for sustainable fashion, we present you today another successfully implemented project from our pen.

On the basis of Shopware 6 Enterprise, an appealing online store was created within a project time of eight months. True to the motto "Content meets Commerce". Automated information flow for returns handling, refunding through purchase vouchers, mobile-first approach for a mobile shopping experience without compromises. Even a donation counter for the goal "1 million Euro for Doctors without Borders" was realized. During the migration from Magento 1.9 to Shopware 6, the following additional topics were also on the agenda: expansion of the Shopware CMS functionality, creation of the technical concept and consulting in technical and UI/UX matters, technical implementation of features and expansions in the areas of Shopware administration and the Shopware Storefront. Convince yourself

Partner-Story mit mollie und CEO Martin Weinmayr

Partner story with mollie and CEO Martin Weinmayr

As a prelude to our partnership, Mollie visited us in Holzkirchen to get to know our team and get an idea of our office.

This resulted in a short interview with Martin and Andreas about the roots of dasistweb and the considerations behind the partnership with Mollie, which we don't want to withhold from you. You can find the whole interview here

Shopware 6 Promotions Webinar

Shopware 6 Promotions Webinar

What options do Shopware 6 promotions offer? 

Our colleague Christian Dangl helped develop this versatile feature in cooperation with Shopware.

With the new promotions feature in Shopware 6, you have complete control over the pricing of your products. Conditional discounts on individual items or entire shopping baskets, rule-based and configurable at will. To give you an impression of the possibilities the new promotions offer, Shopware will be holding a webinar on April 8, 2020, for which you can register free of charge. Christian will explain everything you need to know during the webinar! Join now

Happy Valentine’s Day! 🥰

Happy Valentine’s Day! 🥰

We put a lot of heart and passion into successful projects, happy customers, strong partners and our dasistweb family. 
Therefore we are especially thankful on this day and would like to share this with you! 

P.S. To all Valentines and Valentinas, we also think very special of you today!

Insider aus dem Daily Business:

Insiders from the Daily Business:

Who does not know the problem? In the agency business you work on many different projects, which in turn have different systems and environments. Let's make an example calculation: If you multiply 10 customers with 4 environments (stage, prepare, release and production), you will quickly get 40 individually maintained backends/administrations for only one employee. In addition, not every employee may have access to every system.

And then the whole thing should also be DSGVO compliant... a horror. We have solved the problem for us. In the tool developed by and for us, we define once and for all which employee has access to which systems. From this point on, the tool automatically takes care of changing passwords in the systems in definable cycles and storing them automatically in our password apps. In this way, we ensure that all accesses are secure, up-to-date and manageable at all times - and the best thing is: we don't have to remember the accesses and can concentrate on more important things.

We are absolutely proud of our tool and think that's how #digitization should be - it has to be lived and above all it has to be feasible!

Alles neu bei ESCADA – nun auch in den USA

Everything new at ESCADA - now also in the USA

The topic "conquering international markets" belongs nowadays to the e-commerce sector like fast Internet to digitization. For this reason we have recently prepared our customer ESCADA for the US market.

Following the launch of the French shop in February and the EU-wide shop in August, the US version of has now also moved to the new shop system based on Shopware 5.5. This means that different mail order service providers, separate warehousing and interfaces to Tradebyte for connecting marketplaces such as Amazon and About You can now be implemented via two instances, 16 subshops and 32 language shops in three languages.

The background of the relaunch was to provide the shop with a higher performance, to make it more updateable, to create a more cost-effective maintainability, to enable simpler further developments and also to deliver some revenue-increasing features. The connection to a merchandise management system with automated returns management makes the project an additional future-proof "state of the art" e-commerce project. Not least thanks to Amazon Cloud Hosting with Redis, S3 Aurora database, Elasticsearch in cluster setup.
Have fun shopping at


A warm welcome to Thilo Lindner

It is a great pleasure that we would like to introduce our new employee and colleague Thilo today.

He will strengthen our team in Munich as Senior Web Developer with immediate effect. During his many years of self-employment as a web developer, he has already gained sound experience in the implementation of solutions for fashion online shops and thus perfectly complements our team. We warmly welcome him to our team and are looking forward to a successful, long-term cooperation.



As reported, the founders of CLEW were guests on yesterday’s episode of DHDL, the German version of Dragon’s Den.

During their pitch, visits to their online shop were not the only thing to skyrocket – so did our heartbeat! Which was not surprising, given that this was the ultimate baptism of fire for the world’s first Shopware 6 online shop. Thanks to the expertise of our hosting partner, the servers were able to cope with huge loads during the popular TV programme – when up to 12,000 users visited the site simultaneously – and all completely without errors or interruptions. Over the course of the evening, more than 35,000 users visited the site, primarily using mobile devices (86.6%). On average, each visit lasted just over three minutes. The majority of these visits were to the online shop, where users could take a closer look at the patented step-in binding system.

We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone involved, and particularly to the CLEW team for choosing to work with us. We wish every success to the founders and their clever, innovative snowboard binding as they continue to slalom through the international winter sports market.

Naturally, we’re not going to give any spoilers about the reaction of the dragons – particularly snowboard-fan Frank Thelen – to the CLEW binding, or whether CLEW succeeded in securing the investment. If you missed the episode, you can watch it on catch-up in the VOX Mediathek library.