A slow fashion Pioneer relies on Shopware 6


ARMEDANGELS is a pioneer for slow fashion and at the same time, a real trailblazer in the e-commerce sector. The Cologne-based fashion label relies on sustainable, regenerative materials and designs that are preferably timeless as not to have to follow every new trend. They have been selling this timeless fashion for 12 years, mainly via their online shop, and achieve a total turnover of around 40 million euros annually. Today, their fair fashion products can be bought in over 1.000 shops in Europe. But the Cologne-based team started out as a pure online company with only one sales channel - an online shop, through which they still generate a large part of their sales today, although with much more shopping experience and convenience compared to when they started.


Kristof Kruse, System Owner Webshop - ARMEDANGELS
ARMEDANGELS / Social Fashion Company GmbH
- Kristof Kruse, System Owner Webshop

"As one of the first large shops to use Shopware 6, we needed a partner who was one step ahead in Shopware 6. We found this with dasistweb. We always feel in safe hands with them - whether it’s the relaunch, or in further development. dasistweb understands our highly complex and demanding processes and tasks. Together, in close partnership, we have created and continue to develop a highly automated, flexible and yet easy-to-use digital e-commerce platform."

What have we achieved?

Successful replatforming from Magento 1.9 to Shopware 6

Deployments with minimal risk and no downtimes

15% Page-Speed Performance Boost

Seamless fusion of CMS and Shopware 6

Much faster and simpler landing page creation without the need for a developer via Shopware Shopping Experience

Increase in turnover by 10%

Increase in (mobile) conversion rate by 10%

Key Facts

Duration: 8 months

License: Shopware 6 Enterprise

Successful migration from Magento 1.9 to Shopware 6

Purchase vouchers, including migration of existing codes

Extension of the Shopware 6 Rule Builder for more flexibility

Intuitive drag & drop sortable product listing incl. flexible and reusable slots for marketing measures

Fully automated returns and refunds process, including purchase voucher reload and promotion recalculation with refund via payment method used.

Applicable and flexible donation counter as shopping experience element for supported projects

Mobile first approach for a mobile shopping experience without compromises - incl. mobile search

Individual customisation of the shopping experience system with numerous custom elements in a responsive grid system

Technical Facts

ERP: Fashion XL

PIM: Tradebyte (TB.One)

Search: Doo-Finder

CRM: Emarsys

Payment: Payone

Monitoring & Alerting

Customer migration from Magento 1.9


Order Migration

Purchase voucher Migration

Talkable integration

High Performance Hosting Cluster

HTTP Cache via Smartproxy

Credit check via Risk Ident

Advanced image optimisation with WebP compression & caching

Fully automated deployment pipeline from Build to Unit Tests and Blue-Green deployment (zero downtime)

Asynchronous and top performance job processing through Shopware 6 Queue System and Supverisored on Scala

d.one Connector as middleware for connecting, controlling and monitoring external systems


The success of ARMEDANGELS as a pioneer in the field of sustainable fashion, requires special demands on the performance of the shop. Therefore, high performance and stability with high traffic are essential. Another focus was the high degree of automation, which ensures the most efficient handling of transactions. Among other things, we developed a sophisticated and automated refunding for Shopware 6, which can also be used in combination with purchase vouchers and promotions.

Content meets commerce is a top priority in the entire shop. ARMEDANGELS wants to have maximum flexibility and autonomy in the maintenance of its brand content, with as few and simple means as possible. For this reason, we have massively individualised the shopping experience in Shopware 6 and at the same time paid attention to the greatest possible usability in content maintenance. In this way, landing pages and content elements can be maintained independently, flexibly and easily, and be played out almost throughout the entire shop - without any support from us as a Shopware agency.

Marketing elements must also be included in the product listing. For this purpose, we have developed a visual merchandising function via drag & drop, including simple integration of flexible and reusable slots for marketing messages.

Our Services as a Shopware Agency:

Advice (Consulting)

Shopware CMS Extensions

Technical Concept

Project Management

UI/UX - Consulting

Technical Implementation

Interface Development

Quality Management

Project Progress and implementation Highlights:

At the start of the project in January 2020, we entered into a joint conception phase with ARMEDANGELS. ARMEDANGELS created the UX/UI concept themselves, while the other requirements and specifications, as well as the technical conception and consulting for UX/UI were contributed by our team. The joint conception and coordination took place smoothly, hand-in-hand. Thanks to direct communication via Slack and Figma and a competent team at ARMEDANGELS with short decision paths, there were no delays or difficulties despite the geographical separation.

Since we proceeded in a certain agile way, the concept phase and implementation could be parallelised. In this way, we were able to start implementing the first features as early as February, while the remaining features were still in the conception phase. This enabled ARMEDANGELS to start maintaining the extensive content at an early stage.

The close cooperation with the SEO agency enabled a SEO test phase even before the actual go-live, as well as a comprehensive QA using UserSnap. The SEO agency and test customers were able to create bug reports with the help of UserSnap, and therefore contribute to the speedy optimisation in a structured way.

Particularly noteworthy is the smooth cooperation of the teams on both sides, despite the fact that personal meetings were not possible throughout the whole duration if the project in 2020.

What Shopware says

ARMEDANGELS benefits from Shopware 6

What does a slow fasion pioneer need when it comes to the online market? Correct - a highly flexible, intuitive and future-oriented shop system, through which all options are unlimited when moving forward. This is exactly what ARMEDANGELS has found in Shopware 6 - be it in the Shopware Shopping Experience, in the performance or also in the high degree of automation. All this, and more advantages of Shopware 6 can be found in this Shopware case study - we think it's worth reading!

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