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About Pally'Hi

Pally'Hi stands for functional outdoor clothing made from merino wool with a contemporary streetwear aesthetic, but also for a whole lot of passion. The four-time Snowboard World Champion and company founder Peter Bauer believes in an considered approach and sus-tainability. Pally'Hi is a premium brand with a casual, urban style. This is also reflected in the online shop.

From the brand intro by PB: Pally'Hi is the brainchild of company owner Peter Bauer. His vision: functional outdoor cloth-ing made from merino wool with a contemporary streetwear look. Peter and his team tasked themselves with replacing the often repeated, unsurprising "expedition" look of me-rino clothing with casual everyday products suitable for everyday use. Pally'Hi stands for state-of-the-art cuts with an attention to detail, high-quality materials and the best wearing comfort.

This is what Pally'Hi says!

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Amplid GmbH - Peter Bauer, CEO

“We needed an online shop that meets the visual expectations of our customers and our brand philosophy, but which also guides the customer smoothly and intuitively through the browsing and purchasing process without uncertainty. We also wanted to address a global customer base with different languages and VAT laws. The dasistweb team implemented our requirements perfectly within a very short period of time. Compared to last year, online sales have increased tenfold.”

Among other things, we have achieved this:

Successful online launch of the new brand

More robust brand presence adapted to the target group

A shop that can be independently managed by the brand

Key Facts

Target Group: B2C quality and style-conscious

Duration: 3 months
From kick-off to go-live

Licence: Shopware 5 Enterprise

WAWI: Mention

Two brands on a common platform

Common items between brand appearances

Multi-country and multi-language shop


The challenge was to launch a Shopware shop for two brands based on the same technology.

The permanent operation of the shops should be possible for the brand with acceptable ef-fort. This made it clear that the shops had to use their common synergies, but at the same time have a brand-customised appearance from the outside.

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