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Who or What Is Shopware?

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The Shopware e-commerce platform allows you to benefit from a system that is continually expanded by innovative features with the potential to change the future of retail.

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Our many years of Shopware expertise led us to be chosen to help co-develop the new Shopware 6. Together with three other agencies and Shopware, we have spent the last few months working on a new, improved and more future-oriented Shopware 6.

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Experience, Individuality & Automation

Key Features Shopware 6

  • Concentrate on the essentials: Daily processes now fully automated
  • Future-oriented and multi-channel capability thanks to the API-First approach
  • As individual as your business – the Rule Builder
  • Pure experience via a CMS combined with your shop system in the intuitive Page Builder
  • Completely independent storefront – easy to customise thanks to open standards

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Our certificates

Shopware allows you to benefit from a system that is continually expanded by innovative features with the potential to change the future of retail.

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Shopware and Us

Shopware About Us – Us About Shopware

Shopware About Us

“What makes Shopware so special is not only the high software quality, but above all a large, strong ecosystem. dasistweb GmbH with its technical expertise and great commitment has been one of our best partner agencies for years and an important part of this ecosystem - that's why we chose it as one of the few agencies to work with us on the development of Shopware 6.”

Shopware AG

Stefan Hamann

Executive Board, Founder of Shopware

Us About Shopware

“Shopware is the most future-oriented shop system on the market, and has an impressive and technically advanced code base. That’s why we have specialised in this great e-commerce software since 2012 and why we can confidently recommend Shopware to our customers. Regardless of whether it’s a business project or highly complex enterprise challenge – because of our long-standing and close co-operation with Shopware, every ascent to the summit is successful!”

dasistweb Software Architekt, Martin Schindler

Martin Schindler

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science
Software Architect, dasistweb GmbH