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New, improved and co-developed by us!

We'll tell you what you need to know about Shopware 6.

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We are happy to advise you without obligation on Shopware 6 and how it would be best for your project uses.

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Are you asking yourself...

  • ? Why Shopware 6?
  • ? What should I be asking myself?
  • ? When is an upgrade to Shopware 6 useful for me?
  • ? Should I stay with Shopware 5?
  • ? What costs would I expect for a Shopware 6 project?

We have the answers to your questions!

This is what our developers say about SW6

Christian Dangl
  • "Low complexity, modular adaptability and excellent maintainability"
  • "Superb system architecture with state-of-the-art technologies"
  • "Comprehensive and well documented interfaces"
Christian Dangl Head of Technical Development
Martin Schindler
  • "From a developer’s perspective, Shopware 6 meets the requirements for e-commerce software of the future"
  • "Thanks to its configurability and open standards, the Shopware 6 storefront is perfect for demanding projects of any size!"
  • "Modern front-end frameworks are combined with solid paradigms"
Martin Schindler Software Architect

How do we know?

Quite simply, because we were involved in the thinking and doing!

Our many years of Shopware expertise led us to be chosen to help co-develop the new Shopware 6 along with three other agencies. From conception to implementation, we were part of the development and were able to influence the project with our experience from numerous customer projects.

Over a short consultation, we can work with you to find the right strategy for your project.

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Key Features of Shopware 6

Much Experience, Individuality & Automation Awaits Us

  • Concentrate on the essentials: Daily processes now fully automated
  • Future-oriented and multi-channel capability thanks to the API-First approach
  • As individual as your business – the Rule Builder
  • Pure experience via a CMS combined with your shop system in the intuitive Page Builder
  • Completely independent storefront – easy to customise thanks to open standards

About Us – dasistweb®

We are long-standing Shopware Enterprise Partners!

Shopware 6 certified
"Through the growing initiatives in the form of pull requests, hackathons, pre-testing phases etc., dasistweb also provides important input into the further development of Shopware."
Quote: Shopware

Our clients

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We are happy to advise you without obligation on Shopware 6 and how it would be best for your project uses.

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