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As the largest 100% Shopware agency ,our services are 100% e-commerce and 100% Shopware!

Several years ago, we decided that we want to offer a highly professional service. We chose specialisation over the trend towards "Full Service" and we are resolutely sticking to this. Of course, we won’t let you down as far as marketing, SEA and SEO are concerned. Be assured – there too we have equally specialised partners and together we have already implemented highly successful projects.

From us you get exactly what you as a customer of an e-commerce agency need and expect!

Relaunch projects

Successfully navigating the path to the top in partnership

Agile and continuous further development

Rome wasn’t built in a day? Nor are online stores! For this reason, we offer you the opportunity to develop your shop step-by-step for fixed monthly amounts!

Consultation and all-in-one concepts

We help you with your challenges and ideas until the optimum result is achieved!

Award-winning UX and designs

Not just awards, but above all, the success of our customers proves us right. With an intuitive, attractive and uniform design, we make shopping unforgettable for your customers.

Performance front-end/back-end

We know what it’s all about. And where it’s particularly important – we provide extra speed.

Optimisation of Shopware architecture

We have left no stone unturned in Shopware, and we are happy to swap things around for the best results.

Interfaces to your systems

We know what’s important with regard to interfaces. We consider this from the outset. Stability, comprehensibility and low-maintenance.

Good and meaningful documentation

No unnecessary waffle. Straight to the point. Our documentation answers your relevant questions.

QA/QC (quality management)

You don’t want to be the Beta tester? No problem, we have ISTQB certified specialists for this. No matter whether you’re a new shop, have a new feature or you’re in operation, we make sure that your shop runs smoothly and we identify problems before your customers do.

Approved deployment processes

New features and improvements online weekly without downtime? We can do it!

Excellently organised projects

We never lose sight of what’s essential and we provide a contact person who always has an eye on your objectives. Constant contact with the project team is our day-to-day and ensures that we achieve the optimal solutions for your project together. Our project workflow

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