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Successful e-commerce begins beyond the horizon

Whether it is a relaunch, replatforming or further development - we as shopware agency consider e-commerce holistic and illuminate with you all relevant aspects of your project.

For us this does not start with concepts, nice designs, great marketing ideas or a list from features, but with an understanding of your project and the challenges that arise from it is the result.

To achieve this goal together, it is important for us to know you and your project - and to learn to understand. We are convinced that in this way the best possible solutions are created so that you can successfully start or become more successful in e-commerce with Shopware 6.
Let's look behind the horizon together!

10 good reasons

Why Shopware 6?

  • For every business model - whether B2C, D2C or B2B
  • Concentrate on the essentials: Fully automate daily processes now
  • As individual as your business - the Rule Builder
  • Pure experience through a CMS that combines content and commerce with the worlds of experience like never before
  • Completely detached storefront easy to adapt thanks to open standards
  • Extremely performant and scalable
  • Future-oriented and Omni-/Multichannel capable through the API-First approach
  • For e-commerce in the cloud or on premise
  • Unite all your sales channels, content and front ends on one commerce platform
  • Easy and flexible to expand to your needs
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Why we know so much about Showpare 6?

We have co-developed Shopware 6

Due to our many years of expertise as shopware agency, we were chosen to help develop the new Shopware 6. From the conception to the implementation, we were an integral part of the development and were able to incorporate our experience from numerous customer projects. This way, even before the official launch of Shopware 6, we got to know and love the system in every detail.

More about us
Portrait of Martin Weinmayr, CEO  dasistweb GmbH
dasistweb GmbH
Martin Weinmayr - CEO

“Shopware 6 provides us with the ideal basis for future-oriented e-commerce projects. A solid core, API first and the right technology stack make Shopware 6 the ideal basis for digitization strategies and growth-oriented e-commerce projects.”

Shopware FAQ

Frequently asked questions

  • What is stopping you from being more successful today?
  • What are your main expectations of the project (recommendation: five points which should be prioritised)?
  • Why do you want a new shop/a new platform?
  • Competition:
    • Who's your competition?
    • What sets you apart from your competition?
    • What makes the competition better?
    • What do you do better?
  • What third-party systems do you use today?
    • Which of these are still needed/needed additionally?
  • How's your CI?
  • What sales targets does your company pursue?
    • With which measures can these be achieved?
    • What has contributed to this so far?
    • What has not worked well so far?
  • What, if anything, should not be changed and is revenue-generating?
  • What should be changed/optimized urgently?
  • Who is your target group?
  • What do you want to achieve with the relaunch?
  • What about your data quality?
  • Conducting customer surveys:
    • What do your customers like?
    • What might they be missing?
    • What induced you to buy?
    • Why wouldn't they have (possibly almost) bought?
    • etc.
  • What expectations does the management have of your project?
  • How much time do you have for your project?
  • How many resources do you have at your disposal?
  • How much budget do you have available for your project?

Once these questions have been answered, you can work towards these targets and ask yourself with each requirement: does this pay off on one of the targets?

  • With the experience worlds, Shopware now covers content & commerce strategies like no other system on the market.
  • The API deadline approach is perfect if you need to bring multiple systems together to meet your and especially your customers' needs.
  • With the headless approach you are free to choose: respsonsive storefront, PWA or to implement something completely different for a certain target group, there are no limits to the freedom and possibilities.
  • With multi-language, sophisticated multi-currency system and rule-based tax models, Shopware 6 also puts you in an excellent position for internationalisation.
  • End-to-end API allows you to automate recurring tasks, leaving you time for more important tasks.
  • Thanks to the consistent use of common frameworks, Shopware 6 is "developer friendly" and enjoys a large community, which is reflected in a large and constantly growing ecosystem.

Every project and its challenges are individual, just like your business. Let us we are available for you on the phone within one working day, I promise!

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We would actually not recommend this at Stand today. Shopware will release version 5 yet. support for further years and also provide updates. So you are on the safe side when you are already using Shopware 5 today and do not need to switch to Shopware 6 immediately.

However, if you are facing a relaunch project, we would be happy to support Shopware 6 because you cannot simply migrate a Shopware 5 project due to the new architecture, which was necessary to meet the challenges of the modern world e-commerce.

This can not be answered in a general way, because this depends on many factors around your requirements. Nevertheless, we would like to mention a few relevant points, which are often not all taken into account when considering costs.

Shopware Licenses

Here you have the choice between:

  • Rise (from €600,00 per month)
  • Evolve (Custom price)
  • Beyond (Custom price)


These costs depend on your chosen agency. As a longtime shopware agency we are able to make full use of the technical possibilities and Shopware 6 already offers some useful features. We are happy to coordinate directly with your SEO/SEA agency to make the implementation as useful as possible for you and at the same time prevent a "responsible ping pong".


Depending on the ways and means you decide to use in marketing - also these tools have to be integrated and usually entail monthly costs. We are happy to advise you with our many years of experience. We have here a good measure of costs and benefits and can advise you on your toolstack and also integrate it into Shopware 6, because we believe that the 1000th tracker will no longer lead to the goal. With the right use of these tools, your knowledge of the products and industry and our comprehensive e-commerce know-how will give the platform the right boost.


  • For professional internationalization, we recommend a translation agency, whose costs can vary greatly, but of course we have enough experience and can advise you. We do not recommend finished text packages, because your customers will notice that.
  • "Multiplier": Basically, it must be taken into account that internationalization permeates all levels (also in your daily business) and thus increases almost all expenses


The hosting for professional projects, which are operated in a high availability cluster, starts at about 1.250,00€/month. Of course a high quality toolstack is already included and we don't have to mention dev/test/stage environments.

API Connections

  • PIM
  • ERP
  • Newsletter system
  • Transaction mail service
  • etc.

These costs depend on whether there is already an integration to this system and how individually you operate the respective third party system. Hidden here is a large automation potential, because nothing lets you sleep more calmly than an optimal and thoughtful linking of your systems. In addition, "clean" and complete data is the be-all and end-all in modern e-commerce. After all, these are not least the basis for search, personalization, recommendation and the quality of advice on your platform.

Search/Reco and personalization

Here too, there are many different solutions. The billing models differ here from Provider to provider. Each provider follows its own strategy. So it is up to you and us to evaluate the right provider for your project. We don't need to mention that a decision made correctly here will improve the sales and consulting quality on your platform and thus not only lead to more growth, but also to an increase will result in higher customer satisfaction.

With monthly costs starting at 750€ you're certainly not too wrong here (please note: these can vary greatly depending on the number of products, visitors and purchases).

Project costs

Last but not least of course the implementation costs.
These are strongly dependent on your requirements and roughly include the following points:

  • UX/UI Concept
  • Content Concept
  • Technical concept (requirements phase)
  • Workshops
  • Qaulitätsmanagement
  • Project Management
  • Technical implementation

That depends entirely on what you want to achieve. Basically, we think that many systems are (more or less) suitable to realize a project for digital markets. However, Shopware 6 is very broad and flexible in this respect, and therefore, in our opinion, provides the right basis for very different challenges.

As a 100% shopware agency, we have already specialised exclusively in shopware projects by 2012. Under the point "Why Shopware 6" we have listed the most relevant added values

However, in order to clarify this question for you in a well-founded, individual and fast way, the best way is to contact us by e-mail or telephone, we will be there for you personally within one working day, promised!

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Shopware about us - we about Shopware

Portrait of Stefan Hamann

Shopware AG

Stefan Hamann - Board and founder of Shopware

“dasistweb GmbH has been one of our strongest partner agencies for many years and we appreciate not only the special technical expertise and the great commitment, but above all the always smooth cooperation. For us it was soon clear that we wanted dasistweb on board for the development of Shopware 6 and the result confirms that we made exactly the right decision.”

Portrait of Martin Schindler

dasistweb GmbH

Martin Schindler - Senior Software Architect, DEV. QA

“Shopware is the most future-oriented shop system on the market and convinces with a technically advanced code base. Thats why we have specialized in this great e-commerce software already in 2012 and can advise our customers in good conscience to use Shopware. No matter if its a business project or a highly complex challenge in the enterprise segment - due to our long-standing and close cooperation with Shopware, every summit ascent will succeed!”

Shopware 6

Flexible, intuitive & future-oriented

"Shopware 6 is our answer to an increasingly complex world where connectivity and technology are rapidly advancing – and it becomes all the more important people remain at the heart of these developments." - Shopware

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