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dasistweb® – is synonymous with technically highly demanding development work and creative and intuitive design for Shopware-based online shops and brand sites. It also stands for a strong team of young, talented web experts based in Holzkirchen. A mutual love of technology and progress and the constant search for optimisation and further education have led us to becoming experienced trailblazers in the e-commerce sector. Your success is our motivation

Martin Weinmayr, CEO

Martin Weinmayr


Claudia Sauer, E-Commerce Projektmanagerin

Claudia Sauer

E-Commerce Projektmanagerin

Christina Gasteiger, E-Commerce Projektmanagerin

Christina Gasteiger

E-Commerce Projektmanagerin

Andreas Rieger, Head of Sales

Andreas Rieger

Head of Sales

Regina Kreutner, Office Managerin

Regina Kreutner

Office Managerin

Christian Dangl, Head of Technical Development

Christian Dangl

Head of Technical Development

Martin Schindler, Software Architekt

Martin Schindler

Software Architekt

Alexander Schikowsky, Web Developer (php)

Alexander Schikowsky

Web Developer (php)

Andreas Gotzler, Frontend Developer

Andreas Gotzler

Frontend Developer

Andreas Kempf, Junior Frontend Developer

Andreas Kempf

Junior Frontend Developer

Annerose Wieser, Frontend Designerin

Annerose Wieser

Frontend Designerin

Bernhard Kadlec, Junior Frontend Developer

Bernhard Kadlec

Junior Frontend Developer

Carsten Schmitz, Web Developer (php)

Carsten Schmitz

Web Developer (php)

Christian Wimberger, Web Developer (php)

Christian Wimberger

Web Developer (php)

Julia Hövelmanns, Web Developerin (php)

Julia Hövelmanns

Web Developerin (php)

Marco Faul, Junior Web Developer (php)

Marco Faul

Junior Web Developer (php)

Marianne Schindler, Buchhaltung

Marianne Schindler


Miriam Stein, QA Software Testerin (Web)

Miriam Stein

QA Software Testerin (Web)

Stefan Hövelmanns, Frontend Developer

Stefan Hövelmanns

Frontend Developer

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Our mountain ascent


21 employee

  • May 2018

    Shop Usability Award für GO IN

    Category winner best B2B manufacturer & 3rd place Category: B2B

  • December 2017

    Excellent Agency

    Shop Usability Award

  • October 2017

    Shopware Rising Star

  • June 2016

    Business Award


  • February 2016

    Shop Usability Award

    Category winner: Spielwaren, Kids & Baby

  • February 2016

    Internet World Business Award

    Nominated with GO IN

  • February 2016

    Shopware Enterprise Partner

  • September 2015

    GO IN wins Shop Usability Award

    Category B2B

  • May 2015

    Relocation to the new office

    TGZ by Holzkirchen

  • June 2013

    Shopware Solution Partner

  • 2012

    Sylvie Nails

    Project with Sylvie Meis

  • April 2012

    Shopware Business Partner

June 17th 2011


5 employee