Mollie is one of the leading Payment Service Providers (PSP) in Europe. In addition to their headquarters in Amsterdam, they have further branches in Belgium, France, Portugal, Italy and Germany. Around 130,000 customers across Europe process their online payment transactions via the cloud-based Mollie platform. Together with Shopware, they offer online merchants the highest possible conversion rates with their seamless way of working.

"We have been working with dasistweb on Mollie's Shopware integrations for over two years. dasistweb has helped Mollie incredibly, in bringing the Shopware integrations to the current state and has become, with its versatility, creativity and commitment, an indispensable Mollie partner - an absolute ace up our sleeve! With dasistweb we have a amazing partner, who not only supports us on the integration side, but also paves the way for us in terms of future-proofing, stability and quality assurance. Mollie gladly puts its trust in the dasistweb experts and feels that dasistweb is an extremely good strategic partner. When it comes to trends and innovations in the market, we like to rely on dasistweb's expertise, opinion and views. dasistweb, with highest recommendations from us! Super team, super culture, it’s simply great to work with you! Thank you!"

Lono Holz - Mollie B.V.
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What we have achieved so far

Stability and quality assurance for the Shopware 5 and Shopware 6 plugins
Reliable and high quality support workflow for Mollie Merchants
Numerous new features for the Shopware plugins
In the Shopware TOP 10 of the "best of Extensions 2021"
Fully automated E2E tests based on Cypress in many Shopware versions
Integration of a Test management software
Development of a test workflow, which has been established for further integration partners apart from from Shopware

Key Facts

Complete refactoring and revision of both Shopware plugins
Development of test cases, test concepts and release plans via Test Management software and automatic integration of these tests into Cypress
Provide pipeline tutorials as a basis for further training of other integration partners apart from Shopware
Support of other integration partners in the area of Cypress
Stabilisation of the Shopware plugins by optimising CI pipelines and the increase of test coverage
Optimisation of the DEV experience with plug'n'play features for webhooks based on NGROK
Creation and constant update of a fully comprehensive Wiki documentation


Challenge accepted! When taking over a project or, in this case a product, it's always a case of just "diving in" and hoping for the best. But with enough determination and passion, it usually goes faster than expected - and that was exactly the case with the Mollie plugins, which we now see as "our babies". For us as a Shopware agency, that usually takes on webshop projects for well-known brands, the further development of a product was of course something completely new. Instead of having only one customer, we know receive many support requests from different parties regarding the plugin development. On top of that, there are also other agencies who we mangage and who support us with further development. There’s always something going on somewhere. Never a dull moment! We have managed to establish a new and smooth running workflow for handling support requests via four different channels. Nothing can bring us out of our composure now! Currently we are working on both the Shopware 5 and Shopware 6 plugins in terms of bug fixing, technical quality assurance, further development and exciting new features. There'a lot more where that came from....Stay tuned!

Our services

Technical concept
Technical implementation
Quality Management / Automated Tests
3rd level support for Mollie and Mollie Merchants
Project Management / Lead for "Taskforce" of combined Agencies

Project progress and
Implementation highlights

In September 2020, we took over the Shopware 5 Mollie plugin from a predecessor agency - as a trail balloon. If we managed to stabilize the plugin, then the Shopware 6 plugin would follow. And that's exactly what happend. Only about half a year later, the Shopware 6 plugin was also in the hands of dasistweb.
After the Shopware 5 plugin had left its teething troubles behind, we could work energetically on new features for Shopware 5. In parallel we took care of the stabilization of the Shopware 6 plugin. After just a short period of time, thanks to a sophisticated and largely automated QA workflow, we were able to switch to a mode in which we could also push this plugin, implementing new features which not only inspire us, but more importantly inspire Mollie’s merchants.