Step by step

Our project progress

Good planning is always required if a project is to be successful. This means bringing together as much experience as possible, weighing up different methods and finding the best one. For example, not having enough water can bring a mountain climb to a quick end, equally so, too much baggage can make reaching the summit impossible. For the optimal solution, you have to think of all the possibilities. At our company, programmers, logic professionals, structured project planners and creative designers work together and refine the implementation of the requirements until the result is perfect. We unite the most important things and concentrate on what we can do. Since we connect the necessary special areas with each other, we succeed in creating reliable plan to bring you success. Not only up to the next resting place, but always with our sights set on the summit.

No.1 The drive

If you have an idea or a desired goal in mind. Then you have created the foundation to slow but surely make your way towards your goal.


No.2 The route

Is your goal one of the following?

Relaunch, new development or further development of your e-commerce platform using Shopware as the basis for your shop. A professional brand appearance, whether for a company, product or individual ideas.

Then we are the partner you are looking for. We will assist you in all the steps you need to take and plan the most suitable route for you.


No.3 The meeting place

The choice of partner has been made. Now is the time to make your ascent. We will gladly support you in this step by analysing your wishes and ideas, providing competent and honest advice, conceptualising your project and finding partners or external service providers for special areas.

As joint preparation is necessary for a successful project.


No.4 The ascent

All preparations have been made. Now, after detailed planning, the process of implementation begins, according to your exact individual requirements. Of course, we won't let you fall behind on the ascent. Always one pitch ahead, we are happy to keep you up to date.


No.5 The base camp

Every project, large or small, requires a secure base. To this end, we offer each of our customers sound project management throughout the entire project. Specially tailored to each project.


No.6 The north face

The project has a few metres left to go. The development has been completed and in the penultimate step is checked in close cooperation for any possible errors. So that nothing stands in the way of your project going live! Nothing is more dangerous than a step into the unknown.


No.7 High altitude exhilaration

It's done! Together we have reached our goal! The pulse is racing, the euphoria is overwhelming - "Mount E-Commerce" has been conquered!


No.8 The panorama

Together we have successfully mastered all the hurdles of ascent. Now it's time to take a deep breath and enjoy the panorama - but not for too long. A rolling stone gathers no moss and the same is true for a shop. Trends change constantly and new standards are set. We are happy to help you keep up with trends and set new standards for yourself, your industry or e-commerce.

After the first ascent, we are always at your side and constantly help to improve any further journey you may embark on. This is just the beginning of things to come!